Meet the ESL Genie Team

We are a research and development team in the Cognitive Science Department at the University of California, San Diego.

Jamie Alexandre Food coordinator

Jamie is responsible for maintaining a steady supply of tamales and samosas in the lab, and for talking too much when the others are trying to get work done.

Wesley Hsu The Dudest of Dudes

When he’s not doing designs for eslGenie, he’s either eating everything ever, staying in ridiculously good shape, breakdancing, or surfing with laptop-holding bikini models for commercials. Note: Wes doesn’t actually know how to surf at all, he’s from Chicago.

Emilie Seubert Gets really excited about random stuff

Did we mention that MC Hammer spoke at Emilie’s graduation? Cuz’ he did. Emilie is also the fastest typist on the team (“grrr, ” says Wes) and the primary consumer of samosas. Occasionally she will transcribe some essays , write some questions (for the sole purpose of feeding Godzilla and keeping King Kong at bay) and then argue about them for an hour. High five!

Clarice Robenalt The resident "Ginger"

Clarice is the only living person known to be able to eat more than Wesley Hsu. Her hobbies include being ridiculously awesome and even more ridiculously smart. She works on the language side of eslGenie and helped to transcribe material, code errors, and develop questions. Her greatest accomplishment? Proving beyond a doubt that King Kong is superior to Godzilla.

Note: Clarice CANNOT eat more than Wes. That’s physically impossible. Nice try.

Irvin Fong Arctic ambassador

Irvin is actually a dragon that breathes fire. But it’s not really fire, it’s a heavenly ray that looks like fire. Just kidding. But he does like polar bears, drawing, design, and languages. The last three drew him to eslGenie. He knows it’s a desert, but maybe, just maybe, he might find a polar bear. But until then, he designs and writes markup so that one day, when eslGenie expands to other languages, he can call upon it in his quest to become an interpreter (and translator).